The Jacobeadery – where we aim to spread the word about ‘proper’ bead embroidery, and by that we mean thread embroidery stitches done with beads!

(There’s so much more to bead embroidery that making gorget-style necklaces and bracelets – and to prove that we only have 1 cuff in our entire range.)

New to bead embroidery but want to have a go?

We offer two ways to start:


  • Our Home Study 6 module course where you learn over 50 different stitches, culminating in your own fabulous Sampler Portfolio

Individual Kits

2 levels of challenges

  • Cottons Collection – Items made using Patchwork cotton fabric and only up to 3 bead embroidery stitches – not too taxing for newbies to the craft
  • Silks Collection – Items with more complicated embroidery and using Dupion Silks as the fabric

All the items are beautiful but functional and have been personally road tested!